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HW03-***A** 100-240V 3W
HW03-***B** 100-240V 10W
HW03-***C** 100-240V 3.6-12W
HW03-***H** 100-240V 20W
HW03-***E** 100-240V 15W
HW03-***F** 100-240V 20W
AW02-***H** 10-18W Dimmable/Flickering free
AW02-***E** 8-15W Dimmable/Flickering free
AW02-***F** 13-25W Dimmable/Flickering free
AW02-***G** 30-42W Dimmable/Flickering free
ECO-***R** 7W
ECO-***C** 12W
ECO-***E** 15W
ECO-***F** 20W
ECO-***F** 25W
ECO-***G** 30W
ECO-***G** 40W
ECO-***P** 50W
ECO-***P** 60W
ECO-***N** 75W 80W
ECO-***D** 7-12W Plug-in
ECO-***D** 20-36W Plug-in
ECO-***U** 20-25W Desktop
ECO-***X** 30-40W Desktop
ECO-***Y** 50-60W Desktop
ASC-1224R80 Smart controller RGBCCT
ASC-230R100WF-D Smart Dimmer
ASC-1224R80WF1K Smart Controller/kinetic
AS series:Smart drivers CC,CV
Nameú║ASC-230R100WF-D Smart Dimmer     Modelú║

230V Smart LED Triac dimmable controller can be equipped with WiFi,

Bluetooth, ZigBee and RF, working at primary side of the driver and can be

dimmable if the driver is Triac dimmable driver.

Support three AI voice speakers: Amazon Echo, Google Home, Tmall Genie.


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